Galen Stucky

Chemistry & Biochemistry


We at the Stucky group are interested in various aspects of science, ranging from fundamental research to possible industrial product development. Currently we are mainly recognized for the synthesis of mesoporous materials and their applications, but with extensive collaborations with various research groups around the campus of UCSB, we are conducting research in the areas of marine science, biological, bioinorganic, inorganic, solid state, materials, and physical chemistry.

We are particularly interested in organic/inorganic interface chemistry including the molecular assembly of material systems with integrated nanoscale to macroscale functionalities; the use of inorganic species and surfaces to define biomolecular assembly (e.g., transmembrane proteins) and biosystem processes (e.g. blood clotting cascade chemistry and hemostasis); conversion of methane (biomethane and stranded natural gas) to chemicals and fuels; meso- and nanostructured photovoltaic and photocatalytic composite systems; gradient materials and interfaces; and understanding Nature's routes to organic/inorganic bioassembly.