Biotechnology & Bioengineering

A second goal of the Center is to investigate novel methods for stem cell growth, differentiation, sorting and delivery, using high throughput methods, novel assays, and innovative instruments for future applications of stem cell therapies.

Affiliated Faculty

Chemical Engineering

Dr. Siddharth Dey's research focuses on single cell genomics and epigenomics

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Macromolecular synthesis, metal-free atom transfer radical polymerization, new building blocks for polymer electronics materials, sequence-controlled polymers using macrocyclic ROMP, ionically-driven coacervate hydrogels, and functional polyethers

Mechanical Engineering

Fundamental fluid mechanics at the micro-scale and nano-scale, transport issues in MEMS-based sensors, combining surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy with microfluidics, and experimental and numerical simulation tools developed and utilized to investigate transport processes at the micro and nanoscales.

Mechanical Engineering

Operator-theoretic approach to analysis of nonlinear dynamical systems, applications in microfluidics and (bio)-nanotechnology.

Mechanical Engineering

Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

Vascular Zip Codes, Cell Attachment and Anoikis, and Nanomedicine.

Chemistry & Biochemistry, Materials

Synthesis of mesoporous materials and their applications, with extensive collaborations with various research groups around the campus of UCSB conducting research in the areas of marine science, biological, bioinorganic, inorganic, solid state, materials, and physical chemistry.Organic/inorganic interface chemistry.

Mechanical Engineering

Nanoscale manipulation and measurement techniques to probe how forces are generated and transmitted in living materials, and how these forces control cellular outcomes. Understanding the mechanical properties of the cytoskeleton as well as the biophysical and biochemical basis of cellular mechanics.